The Seattle Times
May 26, 2017

Eastern Washington’s Columbia Valley is renowned around the world for its riesling grapes.

At the turn of the century, riesling was the most expensive grape variety in the world and during the past decade it’s been experiencing a renaissance. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in Washington state, where the 2016 harvest of riesling grapes was a close second to the perennially popular chardonnay. According to the International Riesling foundation, Washington has become the largest riesling-producing region in North America.

“The grape’s sweetness is dependent on the area in which it’s grown,” says David Rosenthal, white winemaker at Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville, one of the world’s largest producers of riesling. “It’s a transparent grape, taking on the characteristics of the soil. The acidity level provides the backbone for the wine’s character. Riesling’s fruity profile – peaches, apricots, with a hint of spice>>>Read the entire article on The Seattle Times