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Warehouse District

Located on the hill above Woodinville and Highway 522, this district is a smaller, grittier, no-frills style of winemaking. The results, however, are anything but. And what it lacks in scenery and façade, the Warehouse District more than makes up for in vibe and taste. For wine, beer and spirits enthusiasts, there’s a density here that’s to die for. This is the home of more boutique wineries per square foot than any wine region in the world—right in Seattle’s backyard. Let that sink in for a minute, and then figure the odds you’ll find something here you love.

The Warehouse District has become such a popular quarter for winemakers that it’s spawned four adjacent sub neighborhoods: The Warehouse Wineries, The Gateway, The Junction, and Artisan Hill. The Warehouse Wineries are the original destination for wine production in Woodinville, an organic incubator filled with small producers collaborating and sharing their knowledge. The Junction acts as the crossroads to the Warehouse District with a clutch of stellar wineries sharing space with a trend-bucking craft breweries and distilleries. It’s a taste island all its own, but also a great prelude to what awaits further down the road. Artisan Hill lies just south of North Woodinville Way as it winds up the hill. The name is all too fitting, as this burgeoning enclave is home to a growing community of wine and food craftspeople. It’s bursting with distinctive flavors and characters, but it’s easy to miss, so be sure you don’t. The Gateway is the entry point for the district set right across from the Hampton Inn.

You’ll know when you’ve hit the heart of the Warehouse District because you’ll hear the buzz. With winemakers packed tooth-to-jowl, there’s an energy here that fuels both friendly competition and amazing cooperation. So much so, that you’ll often see wineries borrowing and lending equipment, expertise and manpower to one another—especially at crush season. It makes for an infinitely fertile environment for wine interpretation, spirits distilling and nano- brewing. This is where the person pouring is often the winemaker himself, and the personalities you’ll meet and the methods and opinions they share make the perfect pairing to any glass. You’ll learn as much about the process as you do about the palate. Then, for a completely different experience, simply take ten steps over to the next winemaker.

Pick One or Both Wine Passes

Discover the essence of Woodinville’s Warehouse District with the Artisan Hill Wine Pass and/or the Warehouse Wine Pass. Nestled north of downtown Woodinville, this no-frills winemaking and exterior aesthetics has a vibe and taste that are unparalleled. With a density of boutique wineries unmatched globally, it’s a hidden gem in Seattle’s backyard.

The Warehouse District features three sub-neighborhoods: The Gateway, The Junction, and Artisan Hill. These burgeoning enclaves are bursting with distinctive flavors and characters.

Whether with the Artisan Hill Wine Pass and/or the Warehouse Wine Pass, the heart of the Warehouse District is unmistakable—the buzz of winemaking activity. With winemakers in close quarters, a dynamic atmosphere fosters friendly cooperation and support, where equipment, expertise, and people power are shared during the crush season. This environment, rich in wine interpretation, spirits distilling, and nano-brewing, offers an educational and delightful experience. Meet winemakers pouring their creations, and with just ten steps, transition to a completely different winemaking journey with the next artisan in line.

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