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Hollywood District

They don’t call it Hollywood for nothing. Actually, the name comes not from Tinseltown, but from the landmark Hollywood Schoolhouse—which is only appropriate, since this is where you’ll find some of the most educated palates in Washington State. Still, this is the most camera-ready part of Woodinville Wine Country, sitting right in the heart of the Sammamish River Valley. It’s a place to see and be seen, but in a decidedly Northwest fashion: easy, relaxed, North Face pullover optional. A place of patios, fireplaces, bike trails and pizzerias, but also home to 90+ rated wines, destination restaurants, and a gold-rated Condé Nast resort lodge. It all depends on what scene you’re into.

For wining and dining, Hollywood’s selection is definitely not out of Central Casting. There’s a staggering mix of large and lavish, micro and boutique. This is the crossroads where small, artisan wineries meet some of the biggest names in Washington wine. Eight-course dining is served right next door to tasty pub grub. You get the idea. The only thing they all have in common is quality. Which brings us to perhaps the biggest irony of the Hollywood District: despite its glitzy name, this is home to some of the most authentic wine and food you’ll find anywhere.

Step into the glamour of Woodinville’s Hollywood district with the Hurray for Hollywood wine pass, where the name is as fitting as the star-studded offerings. Nestled in the heart of the Sammamish River Valley, this district is not just a pretty face; it’s home to the prestigious Hollywood Schoolhouse and some of the most refined palates in Washington State. The pass invites you to experience the Northwest lifestyle, where North Face pullovers are as welcome as a Hollywood smile. Amidst patios, fireplaces, bike trails, and eateries, the pass unlocks access to a variety of wineries, from small artisan gems to renowned Washington wine giants.

In Hollywood, the wining and dining options are a diverse ensemble, featuring both large, lavish establishments and intimate, micro-boutique gems. Whether you’re indulging in a culinary extravaganza or savoring tasty pub grub, the common denominator is unwavering quality. Despite its glitzy name, the Hollywood District surprises with authenticity, offering some of the most genuine and exceptional wine and food experiences in the region. With the Hurray for Hollywood wine pass, embark on a cinematic journey through Woodinville’s wine scene, where every sip and bite is a star-studded affair.

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