If you are looking for a unique experience with an excellent showcase of 100% varietal wines, look no further than Barrage Cellars. Barrage is a family owned boutique winery, located in the heart of the Woodinville Warehouse District. Stop in on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and you will likely find winemaker and owner Kevin Correll in the tasting room engaging with guests, leading them through their tastings, and sharing his vast knowledge of Washington grapes.

Barrage Cellars is a working winery and though Kevin is a one-man operation, his incredible wine making is done with the love and support of fiancé Bonni Ruchty by his side. Together Kevin and Bonni recently renovated the tasting room which has now doubled in size making for the perfect spot for wine pickups, tastings, release parties and small events.

You may also have been wondering about the history of the Barrage Cellars name. Barrage was derived from Kevin’s passion for winemaking which started in the GARAGE, and his first barrel production that was made in a winery located in a remodeled BARN. Combine barn-garage and you get Barrage which means to bombard or assault, and this is exactly what they hope to do to your palate. But even beyond that, the name of the winery is an homage to Kevin’s humble beginnings in the craft.

It only seems fitting that Barrage Cellars would have a unique name to compliment Kevin’s unique style of wine making. Kevin makes wine in the true Garagiste fashion with a focus on terroir and 100% varietals from some of the finest vineyards in Washington. Kevin coined the phrase, “I blend vineyards, not grapes”, which he feels showcases the best wines that Washington has to offer.

A little taste of knowledge:

  • Kevin and Bonni are very excited to be a part of “Signature Wines of Washington”. A coffee table book that was produced this summer and will be available both in Barnes and Noble and sold in the Barrage Cellars tasting room and various other tasting rooms in the area. Coming soon!
  • August is Washington Wine Month and Barrage Cellars is offering a special on 2011 and 2012 (merlot and cab franc) – 30% off. Come to the tasting room to purchase!
  • Tasting fee is $10, reimbursed with a minimum $25 purchase. Be sure to call ahead if you are coming with a big group.
  • Barrage Cellars Exclusive Wine Club – Members receive wines twice a year, for a total of one case annually. Each release (spring and fall) includes an invitation to their wine club party and six bottles of not yet released wines. **Currently, their wine club is fully committed but don’t fret, they are taking names on their wait list.

Barrage Cellars offers wines and an experience truly derived from passion, hard work, and the love of winemaking. It is no wonder they have been honored with many awards and accolades. If you find yourself headed to the Woodinville Warehouse District, consider stopping in. Taste for yourself first-hand the quality and complexity of a Barrage Cellars wine.