Let’s take your tastebuds on a tour from the Old World to the New World without ever leaving Woodinville Wine Country. This itinerary starts with local wineries that feature the more subtle, restrained style of Old World winemaking and gradually moves you along to the bold tastes of New World wines.

A quick lesson in the differences: Most Old World wines are soft, elegant, and tannic. These wines are often much more acidic and mineral-based than their New World counterparts. New World wines are known for their bold fruit characteristics, oak notes and ripe flavors.

Armed with knowledge, you’re ready to go taste and delight in the differences as you wander the Warehouse District. Start at Savage Grace where winemaker Michael Savage is making classic, Old World style wines that are balanced and food friendly, similar to those you would taste in the south of France. In particular, Michael’s Cabernet Franc is stylistically different than most others you taste in Washington, with neutral oaking and soft tannins.

A similar Old-World approach is available at Warr-King Wines where owner and winemaker, Lisa Packer, strives to find balance between New World grapes and a restrained, earthy Old World style of winemaking. Warr-King’s “Descendent” is a Cab Franc-based Bordeaux blend and, in true Old World style, it is a more approachable wine that is delicious with all types of food.

As you wander through the Warehouse, try out some richer, bolder reds while still embracing the Old World approach. You’ll be rewarded for the walk over to Genoa Cellars with some exemplary Super-Tuscan style wines. Owners Derek Berger and Scott Heinrich started making wine together more than a decade ago, focusing Sangiovese-based red blends. Inspired by Washington’s varietals, they gradually branched out to make Italian-style Super-Tuscan blends from Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot.

Wrap up your tasting tour with an exceptional example of New World wines at Long Cellars. Winemaker and owner Jason Long uses all six red Bordeaux varietals, producing single varietal and blended wines in a powerful and classically structured New World style. Tasting the Long Cellars Cabernet Franc gives you a great opportunity to taste the same Washington varietal made in stylistically different ways, depending on the winemaker’s approach. It’s will be a day of delightful education and delicious tastings. Salut!