Wine may just very well be one of life’s greatest pleasures, from the vine to the wine to the glass … and then, finally, to the taster by way of the lips, the mouth, and the tongue. However, for all of its solo, self-sufficient, and self-satisfying glory, wine isn’t meant to be drunk on its own – at least, not for long periods of time. Ideally, wine is meant to be enjoyed with food, for, if properly paired, each brings out the best in the other.

So then, a trip to Woodinville Wine Country typically means a pairing of food and wine – with restaurants available no matter the season or day of the week for breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or dinner. Places to grab some sustenance – or, even more wine to take home – that together offer an array of food options for each and every possible wine pairing.

Luckily, Woodinville has no shortage of wonderful places to dine, be they beloved icons or up-and-coming eateries – it’s a foodie fête, if you will, with something for each and every taste. Like fine dining complete with white tablecloths and coveted wines, where the plating of food is a literal form of art? Check. Prefer more of a casual, rustic-wood-and-metal feel that’s all about the Pacific Northwest and what it has to offer? Check. Or, perhaps, after tasting all of that great wine, a craft cocktail or cold beer is in order with some comfort-style pub food? Check.

In sum, Woodinville is a veritable foodie fête – so come on out and pair some food with that wonderful Woodinville wine … you’ll be glad that you did!

Woodinville Wine Country Restaurant Affiliates:

Amato Catering & The PicNic Table

Barking Frog at Willows Lodge

Beardslee Public House

Chef Anne Marie’s Eatery

Garden Café at Molbak’s

Purple Café and Wine Bar

Redhook Brewery & Forecasters Pub

Russell’s Restaurant & Loft

The Commons Kitchen and Bar

The Herbfarm

The Hollywood Tavern

Tandem Dinner & Wine Bar

Vivi Pizzaria

Village Wines