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Heritage and Hushpuppies: An Interview with Chef Breanna Beike

“Chef Breanna Beike will be the first to tell you she had a good reason for naming her restaurant, “Heritage.” The vibrant chef Chef Breanna Beikeshares her culinary inspiration with joy – the memories of cooking with her Mom, the gardens of her grandparents, the desire to celebrate the fruits and labor of the local community. 

Beike and her husband/partner, Chris Brende, opened Heritage Restaurant and Bar in early 2018, at the center of Woodinville Wine Country. A welcome addition to the community, Heritage has become a popular stop for both residents and visitors, serving lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.”

View the rest of the interview on Daily Blender here:

A unique feature video from Daily Blender can be found here:

Photo cred: Daily Blender


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